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I remember learning in a philosophy class that we completely change as people every seven years.  When I think back, it's true. Things are always changing, rather rapidly at times. 

Seven years ago I didn't know much of anything about nutrition or wellness. I didn't much care, either. But as I embraced my 30s I began my journey to wellness, my journey to "crunchy".

The changes over the last seven years brought me from obese walking pharmacy with fertility issues to healthy weight & drug-free mother of four.

I spend most of my time cooking, studying nutrition, being a wife & mama, homeschooling, and sharing essential oils & energy healing for wellness support. 

There is no specified destination but I am eager to continue exploring this life glorious life.

There's nothing quite like a cup of chamomile, & using fresh flowers makes a delightful difference!

There's nothing quite like a cup of chamomile, & using fresh flowers makes a delightful difference!


 The Emotion Code is a method of identifying and releasing trapped emotions. 

What is a trapped emotion? 

An emotion becomes trapped when we feel an intense emotion and suppress it rather than express it in a healthy way. This is often easier than facing and feeling the emotion, so we hold the emotion somewhere in our body's energy field. 

Emotions are balls of energy. This may sound weird but it is scientific. Think: polygraph. That's measuring an energetic frequency felt and given off by your body. Negative or nervous energy gives off a jagged reading, a low vibration.This is the sort of jagged frequency that rests wherever the negative emotion is lodged.

If you have emotional blocks or seem to self-sabotage in situations like health, career, finances, or relationships, trapped emotions are a likely root cause. They are creating a block, making subconscious decisions for you without you even noticing, causing your problems to persist. For example, if someone has a lot of anger trapped inside their energy field, they are more likely to become angry in situations rather than remain calm and collected. The emotion is familiar to the body's energy. 

By releasing trapped emotions we can often see an improvement in mental and physical health, as well as many life situations that we felt stuck in previously. Releasing trapped emotions lets our bodies heal and continue toward wellness. 

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, I would love to help! I use basic muscle testing, very non-invasive, to identify the trapped emotion and aid its release using the governing meridian, one of the many meridians known for centuries in Tradition Chinese Medicine. 

I am so blessed to be able to help others using this method.

Emotion coding sessions can be done in person or by distance. Schedule your appointment below!

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How we identify and release a trapped emotion.


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